March 2016 – RaspBerry Pi, Arduino, Internet Of Think (IOT)

Sending an SMS with Temboo

March 31, 2016 0

Overview This guide will show you the basic framework for programming your Arduino to interact with APIs using the Temboo platform. We’ll focus on sending an SMS […]

Parent Detector

March 31, 2016 0

What you will make Use a Raspberry Pi to detect who has been in your room! A Raspberry Pi is so small that it can […]

Adafruit NeoPixel Überguide (Part II)

March 31, 2016 0

Why not just use the rotation feature in Adafruit_GFX? Adafruit_GFX only handles rotation. Though it would handle our example above, it doesn’t cover every permutation […]

Adafruit NeoPixel Überguide (Part I)

March 31, 2016 0

Arduino Library Installation Controlling NeoPixels “from scratch” is quite a challenge, so we provide a library letting you focus on the fun and interesting bits. […]

Make a portable Raspberry Pi 2 game console

March 31, 2016 0

Overview by Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Retro Game Console This project takes the original concept of the PiGRRL and makes it more powerful, using a Raspberry Pi […]

Mini Raspberry Pi Handheld Notebook

March 30, 2016 0

Overview This is a Raspberry Pi notebook. Our 3D Printed enclosure turns the Pi 2 and a 3.5” PiTFT into a sweet retro mini laptop. The mini […]

Extending Raspberry Pi using PICAXE

March 26, 2016 0

here is no ADC support on Raspberry Pi and only one UART and hardware PWM. If you need to extend it, you can use special […]

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