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World Map of Makers

November 13, 2016 0

Hardware setup Connect the Raspberry Pi2 to the breadboard and the other components as per the Fritzing diagram at the bottom of the page. Note: […]

Make Your Own Ambilight for $60

November 12, 2016 0

Step 1: Demo First, a demo of what we’re making. In case you’re curious, the video playing is Electric Sheep, a 3-hour long psy-trance trip […]

Pulsating LED Cube

November 12, 2016 0

If you’ve dabbled with some beginner Arduino projects, but are looking for something a little permanent and on a whole other level of awesome, then […]

PiRetrocade Assembly Guide

November 12, 2016 0

Hardware This project really boils down to five buttons and a joy stick connected to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi 3 and an […]

Raspberry Pi Car Computer

October 8, 2016 0

STORY  Getting ready to go on an extended road trip I had two main requirements. A huge supply of music for the trip and a […]

Complete wireless weather station

October 8, 2016 0

STORY  Although I’ve seen several weather station projects around the web for a while, I can’t say that I’ve seen one completely wireless that can […]

Head Mounted Display “Nirvana”

October 8, 2016 0

STORY  “Nirvana” consists of a head-mounted display and the endoscopic camera . The display of headset show the two real-time video of endoscopic camera for […]

Arduino universal IR remote

July 27, 2016 0

Arduino universal IR remote Source: http://www.theorycircuit.com/arduino-universal-remote/ By using arduino and IR Receiver TSOP 1738 (in our project, you can use any ir receiver available) we […]

DHT11 /DHT22 Temperature Sensor

July 26, 2016 0

Introduction Background The DHT11 is a 4-pin (one pin is unused) temperature and humidity sensor capable of measuring 20% – 90% relative humidity and 0 […]

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